Top 5 Ankle Braces for Cheerleading 2018

Ankle Braces for CheerleadingWhen searching for the best ankle brace for cheerleading, you might encounter difficulty finding the ideal brace for you.

Why? The numerous ankle brace brands available in the market make it hard to settle for a brand that will diligently serve you.

This review for the good ankle braces for cheerleading will provide detailed information on some of the leading ankle braces. So, which are the best ankle braces for cheerleading? Below is an overview.

Recommended Product:
Bauerfeind Malleoloc Ankle Brace

Bauerfeind Malleoloc Ankle Brace is top on our list for cheerleading as it stabilizes the ankle and protects it from twisting.​ Click Here To View Price and Reviews.

for natural stabilization. The best ankle brace use for cheer leaders in the USA.

The 5 best ankle braces for cheerleading

Whether you are a suffering an injured ankle or simply looking to protect your ankle, these ankle braces will certainly get the job done. In addition, these braces are best suited for professionals and beginners alike. That said, here is a detailed review of the leading ankle supports for cheerleading.

1. Bauerfeind Malleoloc Ankle Brace

for natural stabilization. The best ankle brace use for cheer leaders in the USA.

The Bauerfeind ankle brace is no doubt one of the best ankle brace for cheerleading. This ankle support for cheerleading introduces special contours that boost its stability without jeopardizing on mobility.

Additionally, it fits in front of the outer ankle bone and behind the inner side of the ankle bone. This helps in preventing the ankle joint from rolling outwards.

The design of this ankle brace is not only appealing but also it ensures that the heel and the front of the foot are free thus allowing natural stabilization for full dorsiflexion and plantar.

The thermoplastic material used in making this ankle brace is heat-molded to provide a perfect fit. The Velcro brand closure ensures that the strapping stay put no matter how vigorous the activity is.

Bauerfeind MalleoLoc Ankle Brace Video Review

  • PROS
  • CONS
  • The compression offered by this brace might prove to be too tight for some users thus making it uncomfortable
  • Doesn't fit all foot sizes

2. Bracoo ankle support for cheerleading

The best ankle support or brace for cheerleading in the USA.

The bracoo ankle brace comes with dual metal splints which provide firm stability for acute injuries like muscle strain, ligament sprain or weak ankle joints.

Moreover, the open heel design enables a wide range of motion while at the same time bracing the plantar flexion, Achilles tendon and talocrural joint.

Additionally, the open heel design will prevent injury during activities. The high-grip Velcro straps crisscross to attach anywhere thus providing customized tightness.

The breathable material which is latex free will also enhance air circulation to ensure that your foot remains dry, cool and stink free.


  • PROS
  • CONS
  • The material used wears off quickly thus making this brace unreliable
  • The dual metal splints may hurt your ankle

3. Senteq ankle brace

Provides Support and Pain Relief for Sprains, Strains, Arthritis and Torn Tendons in Foot and Ankle. The best ankle brace in the USA for cheerleading.

With a gel pad for improved support, the senteq ankle brace for cheerleading provides a massage effect every time you move in order to reduce any chance of swelling or injury.

Additionally, the compression support holds the ankle securely in place thus lowering your risk of injuring your ankle.

The extra straps also allow you to adjust them thus enabling you to enjoy personalized pressure levels.

The material used on this ankle brace is hand crafted and eco-friendly. This will ensure that you use the brace for a long time under various conditions.

Overview of SENTEQ Ankle Brace

  • PROS
  • CONS
  • The sizing in this ankle brace is not uniform
  • The gel pads are a bit too wide thus making this brace only suitable for wide feet

4. Trilok ankle brace

Ankle Sprains, Plantar Fasciitis. The best ankle brace for cheerleading in the USA.

The trilok ankle brace is designed not only to provide ankle support for cheerleading but also to enhance healing on any type of ankle injury.

The footlock strap provides reliable arch support coupled with a stirrup strap for structural support and stability.

In addition, this ankle brace is made from high quality material that ensures durability and comfort.

  • PROS
  • CONS
  • Difficult to use and the instructions are also hard to understand
  • Not available in a variety of sizes thus cannot be used by everyone

5. Vive ankle stabilizer brace

Foot Protector for Tendonitis, Sprained Ankles for Cheerleaders in the USA

The ankle brace by vive provides an array of options that make it one of the best ankle braces for cheerleading. The cross-brace is adjustable thus allowing the cheerleader to determine the amount of pressure they want on their ankle.

In addition, the ankle support provides extra stability for the tendons and joints thus greatly reducing the risk of injury. The ankle support can also be adjusted to reduce pain and pressure that is caused by factors such as: swelling, arthritis, sprains, muscle fatigue and tendonitis.

This good ankle brace for cheerleading also comprises of breathable material that facilitates air circulation in the brace to keep your feet dry, cool and odorless. The versatile design also plays a key role in making this brace easy to use.

How To Fit The Universal Ankle Brace

  • PROS
  • CONS
  • Too bulky thus requiring the user to acquire a bigger shoe
  • This ankle brace doesn't fit all foot sizes


The best ankle brace for cheerleading is determined by the types of features it offers. Furthermore, these ankle braces are suitable for everyday use despite the state of your ankle.

Now that you know the good braces for cheerleading, let nothing stop you from cheering your team on!