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Written by on July 9, 2018 — Medically reviewed by John Doe

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Injuries often happen during golfing, even in a low impact sport like golf.

Injuries which can happen in golf are the ankle injury, knee injury, back strain, wrist injury and elbow tendinitis.

One of the most common injury out of all above is the ankle injury. One of the ways to get rid of medical problems is prevention.

As it is always said that prevention is better than cure.

But once the ankle is injured then only one option is cure with stabilization and mobility restriction.

Here ankle braces come into action.

What Do Golf Ankle Braces Do?

1. They stabilize and support the ankle. So that injury is prevented while doing physical activity leading to injury.2. Once the injury has occurred, they restrict mobility and support the injured ankle.

Well, there are lots of option available in the market.

These multiple options can be confusing.

Here we are going to give you every fine detail about best ankle brace for golf.

1. Tech Ware Pro Ankle Brace

Sports Activities or Everyday Task our 4 way stretch ergonomically designed sleeve allows for full mobility with maximum compression throughout.

2. CompressionZ Foot compression Sock

CompressionZ foot sleeves increase blood flow to the feet to help you recover faster.

3. Sleeve Stars Ankle Support

They will provide pain relief from heel spurs, achilles heel, plantar fasciitis, tendonitis and other foot related discomfort.

Top 5 Best Ankle Brace for Golf

1. Tech Ware Pro Ankle Brace


  • The material is very slim. SO it can be used with shoes and slippers.
  • It helps to get rid of the pain. So you can go running as well if your ankle provides strength.
  • The material used in Nylon, which is more safer and effective than Neoprene.


  • Some might feel it as tight as cutting circulation. So it is advised to go for your suitable size for extra comfort.

It is an ergonomically designed ankle sleeve.

Which provides maximum compression and full mobility throughout.

You can use it as an ankle stabilizer for injury prevention and for pain relief from swelling, inflammation, fracture, and sprain.

Material and Design

It is designed with breathable soft fabric. Which can be used with or without shoes.

The material used is Nylon and Spandex. The material absorbs extra sweat and keeps the skin dry and healthy.

The material used is non-irritable and soft from inside.

Value for Money

It is an easy to use and perfect ankle brace for those who want to use it throughout a day.

You can go for it without any hesitation.

2. CompressionZ Foot compression Sock


  •  It can be used throughout the day, even during office hours with formal shoes.
  • This can be used with massage balls and insoles for quick and effective recovery.
  • It has the bilateral design. So it can be used on any feet.
  • Flexibility and stability are just perfect.


  • Size problem may be there with some users. So it is recommended to measure your foot size with provided chart before ordering.
  • After prolonged and continuous use, the ends can be stretched out.

This is basically a sock. Which can be used throughout the day.

This is the most recommended product to use while playing.

Because it can be worn within shoes. It supports the ankle, relieves pain, and swelling.

It also helps to get rid of tendonitis and fasciitis.

Material and Design

It is designed with the flexible material, which fits in almost all shoes.

The material has the property of anti-odor, anti-itch, and antimicrobial. It maintains the feet comfortable and dry during the time of application.

Value for Money

It can be used with any type of shoes, because of sock design.

It comes with the money back guarantee for 30 days. So it is worth to try.

CompressionZ Foot compression Sock 

3. CompressionZ Foot compression Sock


  • You can use it anytime. Whether you are doing physical activities or not. You can use it during regular daily activities with shoes or slipper.
  • It keeps ankle warm, but sweat free. Which increases blood supply to the injured tissue.
  • It is perfect for healing phase after tissue injury.
  • Thin fabric provides air circulation. Which helps to get rid of sweating and maintain healthy skin.


  • It can completely stretch out after prolonged and continuous use.
  • It can give a sensation of numbness of feet after prolonged use.

This one masterpiece is for professionals. It can be used to reduce swelling, muscle and tendon inflammation, and stabilization of ligaments.

It compresses your ankle skin and inner soft tissue.

Thus compression helps to recover from swelling, prevent inflammatory process and improves blood flow.


It is manufactured with high-quality fabric. Which absorbs sweat and provides a soft touch feel at the inner aspect.

Value for money

One extra strap is provided for ultimate compression and support. The product comes with 100% money back guarantee.

The product comes only with one size. One size fits all irrespective to the age, and sex.

Ankle Support by Sleeve Stars Review

4. Med Spec ASO Ankle Stabilizer


  • Nylon boot shell provides great protection and pliability to the feet.
  • Low Profile, it can easily slide in any type of shoes.
  • Bilateral design, It can be used on any feet.


  • No return policy.
  • Some may find the problem with size. So it is recommended to measure your feet with the size chart before buying.

This brace comes with a distinctive combination of durability, support, and comfort.

This brace is specifically for comfort. The brace has a perfect shape which fits very finely.

It is manufactured with the lightweight Coolflex material.

Material and Design

The material used is cotton and nylon. Stabilizing straps protect and support the ankle by forming a figure of eight.

Its stability is enhanced by elastic cuff closure. The design is bilateral, you can use it on any feet.

Value for Money

The price tag is variable with size. But each size is perfect, considering the quality received against money spent.

5. Venom Ankle Brace


  • Comfortable wearing.
  • Support is great. It can be adjusted according to the need with the help of braces.
  • PDF guide is available which provides full information about brace along with exercise recommended.


  • It is quite bulky. So you can not wear it with shoes.
  • No return policy.
  • Some might be allergic to synthetic fabric.

It is a fully adjustable ankle brace. You won’t put off, once you put it on.

This brace is quite comfortable with ankle pain. You can run with better protection and flexibility with this brace.

It is available in three sizes.

Material and Design

The material used is neoprene. Which makes it breathable for the skin. It also absorbs extra sweat to keep the ankle dry and free from infectious microbes. It has adjustable straps.

So there is no issue with the fitting. You can tighten and relax the straps as per your comfortability.

Value for Money

Venom is a brand that is not so much expensive. It fulfills the quality and comfortability as per price range.


There are lots of product available in the market for ankle support. We have presented top rated and popular ones to you.

You are the one to decide to choose as per your need.

And don’t forget to consult your doctor about using the braces and appropriate treatment.

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