Top 5 Best Ankle Braces for Swimming

Written by on November 30, 2017 — Medically reviewed by John Doe

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An ankle brace for swimming will depend on your specific needs and current injury situation. 

For a recent injury, a light low profile compression brace might be the best. For preventing and injury, depending on how weak your ankles are, might need a brace with a bit more protection.

Either way, it is best to consult your doctor and find out what type of brace is ideal for your needs. We have spent the time and compiled the best swimming ankle braces on the market. Our list includes breakdowns of each product, reviews, and prices. 

The market is flooded with average or up-to-not standard ankle braces. Not-up-to quality models or brand can affect negatively your ankle, even worsening the situation and hindering your swimming capability.

easyazon_link identifier=”B00TZTO0TO” locale=”US” tag=”rex010-20″]1. ASO Ankle Sports Stabilizer[/easyazon_link]

Our most popular sports ankle brace recommended by over 2200+ people. Featuring stabilizing straps that form a complete figure-eight to protect and support your ankle.

2. McDavid 195 Deluxe Ankle Brace with Strap

Excellent brace built for jumping sports including basketball and volleyball. Highly adjustable brace with both velcro and lace strapping. Can be used both for the prevention of injuries and recovery. 

Copper Compression Ankle Sleeve

Best rated compression ankle sleeve on the market. Pain relief from a variety of ailments including plantar fasciitis, arthritis, sprains, swelling, tendonitis and much more.

Choosing the Best Ankle Brace for Swimming

Ankle strains and sprains can happen during swimming. You can twist your ankle when swimming leading to a sprain of tendons, plantar fasciitis or osteoarthritis.

You need to choose ankle brace that provides a superior defense with compression. A good ankle brace protects and stabilizes your ankle while you are healing.

It allows you to continue doing your swimming activity without interfering with the healing process.

For high impact swimming activity, choose moderate and maximum support ankle braces that allow for movement during your healing and withstand pressure for other activities as well.

Here are the top best ankles braces for swimming!

1. ASO Ankle Stabilizer


  • Effective Stability – The nylon part provides effective stability to your foot which prevents overturns at ankles. It also features nylon boot option which provides even greater strength and increases its durability.
  • Stabilizing Straps – Features stabilizing straps designed to from a figure 8 around your ankle for optimum support and protection.
  • Other Features – CoolFlex material with tongue designed to provide optimum comfort and fit. This also improves the brace ventilation and prevents allergies. The material provides optimum comfort for Achilles tendon.


  • According to some of the reviews, customers complained saying that the ankle brace can be very tight to the ankle

This brand has become popular among users in most colleges, universities, and expert training teams undertaking swimming.

Actually, ASO Ankle brace for swimming can be termed as a leader in braces for ankle stabilization. Colors available include white and black to match your outfit.

If you are looking for support and comfort in the process, ASO is the brand, and it is extremely durable.

ASO ankle stabilizer takes care of strains and sprains while also preventing one from happening.

Instead of using tape and elastic bandages, employ this ankle brace as it is easy to put on and off, and can be reused.

This ankle brace provides the best recovery and physical therapy for ankle injuries occurring from swimming.

The laces center is maintained by the lace being attached to the tongue. Finger loops provide for optimum comfort and support when tightening the straps.

2. McDavid 195 With Stabilizer Straps


  • ​Full support with minimal weight
  • Figure-6 strapping pattern
  • Padded lining
  • Reinforced closures
  • Fits left or right ankle​


  • ​Sizing chart may be confusing
  • Does not have a snuggly fit
  • Can be too tight on some feet​

McDavid 195 ankle support for swimming improves efficiency against injury thrice.

Therefore, you chance of getting another injury is reduced by 3. It provides full support without the weight thanks to its single layer of 600 denier polyester.

McDavid 195 is available in a wide range of colors, including gray, white and black.

  • Figure 6 Strapping pattern

The pattern is similar to that of athletic tape and comprises of a comfortable head strap for a special compressed enclosure, which can be adjusted without having to undo or taking the brace.

  • Aerated Tongue

Aeration is top-notch thanks to the ventilated tongue which brings air in and out according to your movements. The endings are compacted and with a soft padding for optimum comfort.

Copper Compression Ankle Sleeve


  • Recovery ankle sleeve
  • Copper infused
  • Complete support for stiff and sore muscles
  • All-day warmth for joints and muscles
  • High-performance and ideal for daily use


  • ​Low copper content in some brands
  • Sizing challenges​

Copper Compression Ankle Sleeve greatly improves recovery from ankle injuries, including recovery from plantar fasciitis.

This ankle support for swimming can be worn all day thanks to variety of materials it is made of that support that.

You can even sleep in them.

It is composed of 88 percent copper nylon, 12 percent spandex, and 100 percent latex free.

Copper Compression Ankle Brace is highly recommended by health experts as it provides top-notch support for an injured ankle, not to mention how effective it is in preventing ankle injuries as well.

The heel is open and can be turned inside out. The sleeves can be used with socks to take care of muscle and joint aches, arthritis, swelling, joint aches and pains, and heel spurs.

This best waterproof ankle brace for swimming keeps your ankle and foot warm and dry all day.

You are guaranteed of greater flexibility and motion.

Sleeve Stars Foot Sleeve with Ankle Brace Strap


  • ​Unique compression improve blood circulation
  • Quality material
  • Easily adjustable​


  • ​One-size-fits-all​

This is a best seller sleeve available in one-size fits all for both men and women. It doesn’t lack in relaxation and comfort.

Sleeve Stars ankle brace for swimming provides relief for sprained, strained, weak, or stiff ankle. This ankle brace foot compression provides for faster recovery while reducing the pain, discomfort, or swelling.

Other advantages of using Sleeve Stars ankle brace for swimming include: improves blood movement, provides relief against tendon and joint inflammation, helps in healing spurs, improves feeling in aching, and lessens varicose vein symptoms.

Star Sleeve with ankle brace strap keeps the feet dry which prevents sweating and bad odor

It feels soft and smooth and the inside can be washed with cold water tap. Made of rubber and polyester, the sleeves can be worn under your socks.

Kunto Fitness Ankle Sleeve


  • ​Phenomenal protection
  • Amazing utility
  • Incredible design
  • Non-slip fitting and pain relief​


  • ​Poor quality in some brands
  • May be too tight for some users​

Kunto Fitness Ankle Sleeve is ideal for seniors who often experience joint pain. A senior can even experience ankle pain from just walking.

This Swimming Ankle Brace helps ease pain, aches and support healing of the arthritis, plantar fasciitis etc.

  • Great Fabric Blend

This best ankle support for swimming comprises of 4-way stretch and is made of great fabric blend namely: 65 percent nylon, 35 percent spandex, and 15 percent rubber. This combination provides top-notch support and protection for your ankle.

  • Not Bulky

The compression is designed not be bulky and won’t roll down or bunch up.

Kunto Fitness Ankle Sleeve package comes with an instruction booklet and is 100% money back guaranteed in case for one reason or the other you are not satisfied with the package. This top best ankle brace for swimming is made in China

An ankle brace for swimming stabilizes your before or during an injury. It is important to consult with a physician about your specific ankle condition.

There are different types of ankle braces and the type you need depends on your type of injury—how serious your injury is. 

Types of Ankle Brace

Mild or lightweight ankle brace

Suitable for you if your injury is mild strain or first-degree sprain. Normally these braces are compression sleeves and work well directly after a ankle injury.

Below is a video on what to do immediately after an ankle sprain:

Medium Support ankle brace

We recommend this type of brace for swimmers. It offers a little more protection from the lightweight braces while not being to bulky or slowing you down.

Maximum support ankle

This is suitable for those with serious injury such as wrenching sprains or acute twisting with little or no ankle stability.

We do not recommend swimming with these braces on.

Ankle braces are important as it immobilizes the ankle as it heals. Braces provide compression and heat to the bones from the fabric and design make.

The fabric’s unbending, inflexible and firm nature holds your ankle in place.

Some fabrics are made of nylon while others of synthetic rubber.

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