5 Best Shoes for Ankle Pain

Written by on March 1, 2020 — Medically reviewed by John Doe

Article Last Updated: May 1, 2024

If you’re someone that tends to stand or walk for extended periods of time, you’re probably very well acquainted with ankle pain.

Does that mean that standing or walking is bad for your health?

Of course not.

It just means that you may not be wearing the most well-furnished and supportive pair of shoes.

A simple change can help spare you the agony of ankle pain.

When it comes to shoes, there are plenty of pebbles on the beach, and picking the right pair can be a pretty daunting task even for those that don’t care much about proper ankle support.

In this article, we’ll help make the process a little easier on you by presenting our picks for the best pair of shoes for ankle pain on the market today, so you may want to stick around.

1. Dr. Martens 1460 Boot for Men and Women

Its iconic leather upper is spiced up with vivid attitude while the thick lug sole puts that certain toughness in the silhouette.

2. Skechers Women’s Sure Track Trickel Shoe

Low-cut design with SKECHERS Relaxed Fit® has a generous silhouette that accommodates your feet for a custom fit.

3. New Balance Women’s 928v3 Walking Shoe

New and improved one-piece glass fiber rollbar technology

Top 5 Best Shoes For Ankle Pain

1. Dr. Martens 1460 Boot for Men and Women


  • Features Goodyear welt technology for great durability
  • The upper is made completely out of genuine leather 
  • The air-cushioned insoles provide remarkable protection
  • The lace closure and multiple eyelets allow for a great fit


  • Not the best pair of boots for people with larger calves
  • They make your feet look bigger than they actually are

The authentic Dr. Martens is one of the most iconic pairs of boots ever created, and it wouldn’t make any sense to not include them on this list.

The main reason why these boots are so iconic is because they feature Dr. Martens’ own air-cushioned soles which in terms of comfort can rival the soles used in some of Nike’s most comfortable and energy-returning products.

As far as measurements, the heel measures at about 1.25 inches while the shaft is at 6.5 inches from the arch. The platform measures at just 0.5 inches.

The Dr. Martens 1460 boots can easily be adjusted for a comfortable fit, thanks to the use of 8 eyelets.

The combination of the relatively high topline and air-cushioned sole ensures that your feet remain stabilized and comfortable.

The Dr. Martens 1460 boots incorporate the Goodyear welt technology, which ensures longevity.

In addition, it means that you can change the soles without messing with the design. Simply put, this is a pair of boots that you wear for a long, long time.

And let’s not forget that these boots are made from Dr. Martens’ signature leather which grants them a smooth, finished look.

Back in the day, the Dr. Martens boots were associated with being in a punk rock band, which is why some people look at them as a bit unconventional, but we’re here to tell you that this pair of boots is, without a doubt, one of the absolute best pairs of boots available today and that they’re more than capable of providing the comfort and ankle pain relief that you need.

2. Skechers Women’s Sure Track Trickel Shoe


  • The shoe lining is made from comfortable soft fabric
  • Provides excellent stability and perfect arch support
  • The tongue on this shoe is padded for extra comfort
  • This pair has met all the safety guidelines by OSHA


  • Not the best pair of shoes for doing heavy-duty work
  • The quality of the memory foam is a bit questionable

If you’re looking for a pair of shoes that you can depend on throughout a long day at work, you’ll definitely love the Sure Track Trickel Work Shoes.

This pair of work shoes are made from genuine leather, which makes them more durable to a certain degree than its synthetic competition. Also, with real leather around your feet, you’re ensured great protection.

These shoes feature footbeds that are made from memory foam for great comfort. The footbeds also feature removable insoles, which allows for more fitting room.

And while these shoes seem like they’re entirely sealed, they have side-perforated panels that grant them great breathability, so you don’t have to worry about your feet getting overheated and sweaty.

When it comes to shock absorption, the Skechers Sure Track Trickel Shoes are super effective, thanks to their use of FlexSole midsoles which not only provide great protection, but they’re also some of the most lightweight midsoles available.

In terms of closure, this pair features traditional lace-up closures, so you’re assured a fit that’s both snug and comfortable.

The great thing about these shoes is that they’ve met the safety guidelines set by OSHA like the ASTM F1677-96 standard for slip resistance and the EH ASTM F2413 standard for protection in the face of electrical hazards.

Another cool thing you’ll love about this pair is that you don’t have to go through a break-in period with them. Highly recommended for the working woman.

3. New Balance Women’s 928v3 Walking Shoe


  • One of the most attractive and stylish shoes on our list
  • Equipped with ROLLBAR technology for ideal stability
  • The seamless liner offers odor-resistance and durability
  • Features a cushioned midsole that offers great comfort


  • Not really the most flexible pair of shoes on the market
  • Not the best pick if you’re looking for lightweight shoes

When it comes to the motion control department of footwear, New Balance is in the lead. This is a pair of walking shoes that’s considered by a lot of people as the manufacturer’s best shoes for ankle support and pain.

It may look like just another trainer, but once you get a better look at the technologies that are used in this pair of shoes, you realize just how phenomenal they are.

Just like the majority of shoes on the market, the New Balance 928v3 is made completely out of synthetic materials, so you shouldn’t expect it to be as long-lasting as shoes that are made from leather.

However, what you should expect is a massive deal of stability and comfort, which kind of makes up for the lack of high durability which can only be obtained from leathery options.

This pair of walking shoes feature the ROLLBAR technology which basically serves as a means of minimizing rear foot movements.

Further, the pair boasts the Walking Strike Path system, and that helps promote taking proper steps and keeps the foot stable. This pair of shoes is also very breathable, so you can say goodbye to those funky odors that most shoes tend to entrap.

The midsole on the New Balance 928v3 is very well-cushioned and feels really comfortable. The shoe also features a Phantom Liner that’s seamless, which means that they’re up there in terms of durability as far as synthetic shoes are concerned.

If you’re someone that’s looking for a pair of shoes that will offer motion control and guidance, the New Balance 928v3 is for you.

4. Asics Men’s Gel Nimbus 18 Running Shoe


  • Highly effective when it comes to absorbing shocks
  • Features gel inserts that allow for comfortable fitting
  • Boasts a seamless construction that’s highly durable
  • Available in a comparable version for women as well


  • This pair of shoes is quite an expensive investment
  • This pair is a little heavier than older Nimbus models

Asics is a prominent name when it comes to putting out high-quality footwear, and this awesome pair of shoes is one of the manufacturer’s heavy hitters.

Not only are these shoes reliable as far as alleviating ankle pain, but they also look pretty cool.

Both the rearfoot and forefoot feature gel for increased comfort and even distribution of body weight along the foot.

The cushioning system on this pair of shoes is top-of-the-line.

To put it simply, it absorbs shocks that are resulted from toe-off phases and impact. Not only that, but it also gives your foot a great deal of freedom when it comes to moving in different planes.

You’ll also find yourself fond of this pair’s bounce-back action, as it makes you feel like you’re walking on clouds.

In terms of longevity, Asics is a company that has been popular for a long time, which is really a testament to the quality of their units.

This pair of shoes features seamless construction, so you don’t need to worry about friction caused by seams and stitches.

In addition, shoes that boast a seamless construction tend to be a lot more durable than shoes that have seams in their design.

That’s not all, the Asics Gel Nimbus 18 features multi-directional stretch mesh that does a pretty good job of adapting to the athlete’s foot condition. In other words, it offers users a snug fit that’s customized according to their needs.

Moreover, the shoes are equipped with a clutching system for the heels that provides ideal support and an overall comfortable fit for your feet.

5. Propet Men’s LifeWalker Strap Walking Shoe


  • The double strap allows for extremely easy closure
  • Features a well-cushioned midsole for ideal comfort
  • The rubber outsole provides a great deal of traction 
  • Equipped with a firm heel counter for ideal stability


  • The Velcro straps tend to loosen with intensive use
  • The fit can be a little tight for people with large feet

The name Propet is one that needs no introduction, especially in the department of footwear for diabetics and foot maladies.

The Propet LifeWalker Strap Walking Shoe is one that will offer you the stability, comfort, and motion control that are required for a pain-free walking experience.

It’s also worth mentioning that this pair of shoes is Medicare-approved, which is an admirable feat.

The reason we’re quite fond of this pair of walking shoes isn’t just the fact that they provide relief from pain, but it also has to do with how stylish they look.

The shoe is available in 3 colors: sport white, black, and white.

Additionally, this is a strap walking shoe, so you won’t have to deal with the hassle of laces, which also allows you to take the shoes on and off with ease.

The Proper LifeWalker features an EVA midsole that’s beautifully cushioned for optimal comfort.

The pair also features a heel counter that provides stability in the rear end of the shoe.

You can also see that the collar on this shoe is padded, which provides additional security for your ankle.

Further, the tongue on this shoe is also padded in order to provide a snug and comfortable fit.

If need be, you can take out the footbed of this shoe to accommodate your orthotics needs.

The rubber outsole on this shoe features a herringbone pattern, which means that you’ll get a superb deal of traction from this shoe.

As a result, you no longer have to be concerned about slipping or falling on slippery or wet surfaces. All in all, the Propet LifeWalker is an all-around great shoe.

Selecting the Best Shoes for Ankle Pain

To ensure getting the best bang for your buck, you need to consider the following factors:


Comfort is the most important factor to consider when buying shoes for ankle pain. You want to invest in a pair that isn’t too tight so that they don’t add fuel to the fire.

Also, make sure that the shoes don’t have a break-in period, you don’t want to have to endure a week of full of pain until they loosen up.


You want a pair of shoes that’s a bit flexible around the toe area to ensure comfort. At the same time, you want to make sure that the shoes offer adequate ankle support.

To do so, you want to try and twist the shoes from heel to toe. If you don’t notice feel any resistance, then this isn’t the right pair of shoes for you.


It’s important to look for shoes that offer great foot cushioning.

If you suffer from ankle sprains or general pain in that area, you want to avoid shoes that have thick and narrow soles, as they can make things even worse. Also, you want to stay away from curved toning shoes.


You want to look for shoes that offer comfortable and impact-absorbing midsoles.

Better yet, you may want to consider shoes that feature form-fitting midsoles with memory foam cushioning, as they’ll easily adjust to the contours of your feet, providing ideal comfort.

Final Words

Crowning a winner out of the above-mentioned products isn’t easy as they’re all equally brilliant.

However, one pair of footwear that seems to stand out the most is the Dr. Martens 1460 Unisex Boot. They’re remarkably durable, provide superb protection, and they look amazing.

Please let us know which one of the above-mentioned shoes you think is the best for ankle pain.

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