The Best Shoes for Broken Foot Recovery

Written by on March 1, 2020 — Medically reviewed by John Doe

Article Last Updated: June 1, 2024

Walking is one of the hardest things to do after a foot injury.


Some people use canes, while others feel too much pain and refrain from moving altogether.

Orthotic devices decrease this discomfort considerably by limiting the causes of pain. They also provide the foot with the necessary conditions to heal.

We reviewed the performance of the best shoes for broken foot recovery from a biomechanics point of view.

Our main goal is finding what works best and offers the highest value.

1.  Aircast AirSelect Walker

Features a durable, semi-rigid shell that helps support the limb while providing full-shell protection.

2. United Ortho Walker/Fracture Boot

Provides maximum stability and support following injury or post-operative procedures.

3. Superior Braces Medical Orthopedic Walker Boot

State of the Art Design Provides Greater Protection Without Sacrificing Wearer Comfort

Best Shoes for Broken Foot Recovery

1. Aircast AirSelect Walker


  • It provides good support
  • It’s easy to wear and take off
  • It’s designed to attenuate shock through the ‘SoftStrike’ technology
  • It encourages natural walking as it has a rocker sole 
  • Its shell has an air inflatable lining for edema management
  • The open structure allows good ventilation 
  • Its rubber sole is non-slip for better balance 
  • The good traction decreases stress on the foot 
  • It’s built to work on both feet


  • It’s a pricey shoe
  • The velcro length is disproportionate 
  • One strip of velcro at each segment is a bit lacking in grip

The United Ortho shoe is capable of alleviating post-fracture discomfort. Its medium height is optimal for stabilizing the foot, the velcro straps offer more support, and the lining provides the necessary padding for comfort.

This orthopedic shoe is easy to wear, without needing another person’s assistance. Being self-sufficient is a valuable option for people with recent foot injuries.

The healing role of this shoe works on three aspects: stabilizing the foot to limit the pain, inducing healing through structural support, and rehabilitation by minimizing the effort needed to walk.

The rubber sole plays an important part in controlling pain by absorbing the sustained mini-shocks while moving. It also helps by giving a boost of extra traction to walking.

There’s a bit of tech in this shoe that’s quite interesting. Broken bones are often associated with edema and this shoe manages this state through an air compressible lining.

This shoe is built for a ‘universal fit’, so you can wear it on the right or left foot. This facilitates the initial device selection process. You can use if for recovery and protection after removing a cast.

The structure of this shoe is built for maximum protection and stabilization. It’s one of the best orthopedic shoes for recovery from a broken foot, in addition to post-operative healing.

2. United Ortho Walker/Fracture Boot


  • It provides good support
  • It’s easy to wear and take off
  • It’s designed to attenuate shock through the ‘SoftStrike’ technology
  • It encourages natural walking as it has a rocker sole 
  • Its shell has an air inflatable lining for edema management
  • The open structure allows good ventilation 
  • Its rubber sole is non-slip for better balance 
  • The good traction decreases stress on the foot 
  • It’s built to work on both feet


  • The sole is rather thin so it doesn’t provide sufficient traction

Stabilization is the main focus of this orthopedic shoe. The hard straight sides and triple velcro straps make sure that your foot stays in place.

The wide base of the shoe also contributes to your stability, as you’d be stepping on a wider surface area, and that translates to less ‘wiggling’.

The height of the shoe decreases the stress on the foot. This allows the tissues to recover without constantly being subject to mini-bends and unnecessary twists.

The ‘Medial/lateral Air Bladder’ manages edema through a controlled and adjustable compression in the shoe lining. It’s located where you can reach it easily.

It suits weights reaching up to 300 lbs, and it comes in five sizes. The range starts from X-Small to X-large, including kid’s sizes. There’s a size-guide for referencing, and you can follow the fitting directions for optimal matching.

The price point here is a little higher than the mid-range, but that’s expected with the HI-Tech involved, and let’s not forget that it’s a prominent brand.

This shoe offers a high degree of stabilization and protection. Use it if you’re recovering from a major fracture, if you’re still wearing bandages, or you need it for post-operative recovery.

3. Superior Braces Medical Orthopedic Walker Boot


  • It’s a simple and lightweight orthotic device
  • The velcro straps are distributed for even leg support
  • It comes in a convenient range of sizes
  • There are extra foam pads to optimize the sizing and fit 


  • The cushioning in the footbed is a little thin
  • The sizes tend to be larger than expected, you might need a smaller one

This shoe is lightweight and sturdy. It’s made from molded plastic with padded side supports. This gives a moderate amount of stabilization, focused more on the ankle and the middle part of the foot.

It has a soft lining with an air compression feature for comfort and proper fit. You can easily reach the air bladder to adjust the pressure.

The rubber sole gives good traction and helps with rehabilitation. Taking that first step after an injury is hard, but this shoe should alleviate much of that inconvenience.

The superior braces shoe is designed for cases ranging from mild sprains all the way to post-operative care and recovery from stable fractures. The ankle area has the most protection, so it’ll be especially helpful if your injury is there.

4. ProCare Squared Toe Post-Op Shoe


  • It’s easy to wear and adjust
  • It looks like regular footwear
  • The thick sole offers shock absorption and traction 
  • The budget-friendly price


  • The sizing is occasionally inaccurate 
  • The velcro straps might be a bit loose for narrow feet
  • Few shoes might have quality issues, but you can order a replacement

This shoe is designed for mild stable fractures and post-operative recovery after minor interventions.

The open structure should keep your foot away from contaminants, provide effective ventilation, and give you the support you need to go about your daily activities.

The square-toe shape acts as a barrier to potential bumps with any objects. It also gives extra space for your foot to add more comfort.

The sizes range from X-Small to X-Large. The wide velcro straps can adjust the fit, especially if there’s a bandage on your foot. It’s a universal fit, so you don’t need to worry about left or right orientation.

It gives moderate stabilization for the front part of the foot and ankle. Choose this shoe when you’ve already passed the stage that needed excessive protection and support. It’s easier to wear and much less bulky than the full-support shoes.

5. The Orthopedic Guys Walker Fracture Boot


  • It’s a rugged orthopedic shoe with good protection
  • It’s easy to wear and take off
  • The ankle and side areas offer sturdy stabilization 
  • The straps keep the foot in place and out of harm’s way
  • The sole facilitates movement and aids in recovery
  • The moderate price


  • The velcro straps are a bit flimsy

Like the United Ortho and Superior Braces shoes, this model is also a high-level support prosthetic device for your injured foot. The good news is that it comes at a lower price.

It provides the right amount of support and pain management to promote quick healing. The straps are placed strategically for optimal support, which is a feature of primary importance.

The sole is also an active element in pain relief through shock absorption and increased traction. It’s crafted to simulate your natural walking step, and that should facilitate your recovery significantly.

It’s designed to fit either foot, as it has a universal shape. It’s also suitable for both genders and the available sizes cater to youth and adult proportions from X-Small to X-Large.

The general dimensions of your foot are also accounted for, so it wouldn’t matter whether you have a wider or narrower bone structure.

The Orthopedic Guys Walker is moderately priced while maintaining a premium quality performance.

It’s suitable for various ankle injuries, post-operative recovery, and sprains. It’ll also help you with walking and carrying out your daily activities.

Why Do You Need Shoes for Broken Foot Recovery?

Foot injury typically takes from 3 to 8 weeks for recovery. During this time, any movement around the fractured part causes significant pain.

These little movements could also delay the re-connection of the fractured bones. On some occasions, we see inflammation and edema in the tissues surrounding the fracture.

That’s why stabilization is necessary to heal the bones correctly. The cast often carries out this task, but after it’s removal, you’ll need alternative support. And this is where the orthopedic shoes are essential.

This shoe limits the movement of the foot and decreases the pain considerably. Stabilization also helps in limiting tissue inflammation.

Your bandages should be clean after a surgical operation. This shoe keeps your foot off the ground and maintains proper ventilation for healthy recovery.

Walking and moving around is often a challenge, but it’s much easier with the correct support. Orthopedic shoes are designed to promote regular activity and rehabilitation. Take it easy though, baby steps.

How to Level Both Feet?

Wearing an orthopedic shoe creates a difference in height between your two feet. It’s hard to pick another shoe for your good foot with exactly the same height as the ortho one.

If you settle for the height discrepancy, this might create unnecessary stress on your hip, spine, and upper back. The skeletal system is unique in its amplified response to small irregularities.

The best answer to this unbalance is using a leveling device for your other foot. The Original EVENup Shoe Balancer/Leveler should correct these differences, and help you regain your normal gait.

How to Choose the Right Shoe for Broken Foot Recovery

Here are the main features you’ll need to have in the right orthotic shoe.

Ease of Use

It should be easy to wear and take off. With a foot injury, every incremental movement is painful and potentially harmful.

The velcro straps and air bladder should also be accessible without too much straining.


Orthopedic shoes require a proper fit to provide the correct amount of stabilization. The manufacturer often includes a sizing chart with instructions on the correct measurement procedures.

The lining inside the shoe and variable air compression offer further adjustment and fine-tuning to the initial sizing, so eventually, the shoe should fit your foot snugly and comfortably.


Injuries heal better with efficient ventilation. It’s essential to keep bacterial growth at bay, and to offer comfort and freshness.

If you keep the skin wrapped up for a long time, you occasionally end up with a rash or chafing. Both are inconvenient beside an injured part.


The sole of the shoe plays an important part in alleviating pain, stabilization, and rehabilitation. Thicker flexible soles are the best option. You also need them to be non-skid, and to offer a bit of a spring to your step.

This is basically traction, and it should help you regain your regular walking gait.


A supportive ortho shoe takes away the stress from your injured foot, which accelerates healing.

Typically, there should be sturdy supports in the ankle area and on the sides. Velcro straps maintain the front parts.

To Wrap Up

That was a full performance review of the best shoes for broken foot recovery. I hope it helped you narrow down your choices.

If you’re still unsure, my personal recommendation is the Aircast AirSelect Walker. This is a premium quality orthopedic shoe with practical features. It tops the list as it offers the right amount of stabilization, protection, and support.

If you’re well into your recovery process, you’ll need a simpler orthopedic shoe that’s still supportive and stabilizing. The ProCare Squared Toe Post-Op Shoe is a good choice, and it comes at a great price as well.

I hope these shoes accelerate your healing. Stay active and get well soon!

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