Top 10 Best Volleyball Ankle Braces in 2018

The most common recreational sports injury nowadays is an ankle sprain, and one of the sports that feature top of the list is indoor volleyball.

In a volleyball court, ankle injuries are a common occurrence. Volleyball ankle braces are both a protective and supportive gear attached around the ankle to provide support and comfort while playing. Braces keep your ankle warm and enable your joint to move easily while lowering pressure to your foot.

Quality braces are made of high-quality materials like nylon and neoprene to control joint flexibility and to adjust to the shape of the foot.

These gears are important when you engage in exercises that trigger injury to the lower leg such as volleyball, soccer, baseball, and rugby. They help in managing lower leg injuries, irritations, degenerative sprain, postoperative pain, and synovitis.

Why Wear Ankle Braces?

Protect and Prevent

According to the National Athletic Trainers’ Association, 15% of all sports-related injuries are ankle-related, making it the most common injury.

Ankle braces are designed to minimize the risk of injuries that occur during a competitive play, including contact with other players and other uncontrollable elements of a high-impact sport.


No matter the state of the ankle and the position on the court or field, each player should have an ankle brace designed to provide additional support to lower leg muscles and joints. When players wear ankle protection, they are less prone to injuries and can feel more confident in their movements. This allows them to focus on performance and play to their full potential.


Physical therapists and athletic trainers encourage the use of ankle braces to help players and athletes with ankle injuries so they can return to the court or field faster. The additional protection of ankle braces reduces the risk of re-injury and facilitates recovery. Athletes can return to play while resting assured that their ankles could withstand the demands of their sport.

Things to Look For in Volleyball Ankle Braces

With many brands in the market, it becomes difficult to pick the right volleyball ankle braces. As a player, you should find a functional lower leg support that fits reasonably and delivers a perfect measure of pressure and support. The best ankle brace for volleyball should totally encompass the lower leg. Preferably, you should aim for a brace with ties and bands because they enable you to make adjustments. Slimmer volleyball ankle supports are less comfortable and less damp proof.

Types of Volleyball Ankle Braces

Three types of volleyball ankle braces exist: bind-up, stir-up, and post-damage. Based on your budget, ankle braces are available in both low-end and top-of-the-range categories. Trim-up volleyball ankle braces are flexible and produced using a nylon-vinyl material. You can fix this brace to any degree depending on the pressure you want on the ankle.

On the other hand, post-damage ankle braces are exceptionally firm, especially when they are loaded with air or gel. They come with two plastic boards on the two sides of the leg and a pivot, which makes it a little more rigid. Stir-up bands enable the lower leg to move up and down while shielding it from coming in and out. Based on this information, here are top 10 best volleyball ankle braces, which you can consider buying in 2017 and beyond.

1. Active Ankle T2 Ankle Brace, Rigid Ankle Stabilizer

Active ankle t2 ankle brace is a rigid ankle brace to help volleyball athletes get back to sport after an injury Active Ankle are among the most reliable volleyball ankle supports in the market. In addition to support and comfort, they offer a trim-up wrap support that gives a well-distributed pressure around the lower leg.

Inside are gel pads and the wrap bends into a tongue to offer more support and firmness, and comfort.

This ankle brace is perfect for relieving muscle strains, sprains, and overall joint pain. The base features a non-slip, silicon-grasp design.

With low profile binding circles, it provides awesome comfort with persuading finger tabs, which enable you to pull effectively and make it fit best. It is highly breathable, which leads to a speedy recuperation while giving warmth to the skin around the ankle.

  • PROS
  • CONS
  • Fits well
  • Tough and well-balanced
  • Offers great comfort
  • 2. Bodyprox Ankle Support Brace

    high quality strap compression ankle brace for volleyball players. Bodyprox ankle support braceBodyprox support is among the best volleyball ankle braces in the market. Built with a breathable Neoprene material, it keeps the skin around the ankle warm while it remains comfortable around the foot. This material is sturdy, good, and simple to wash.

    It is made of a customizable wrap, which fits the two sizes of the feet. An 11-inch curve configuration offers an ideal fit for both male and female players. More importantly, it offers security and treats constant lower leg conditions such as plantar fasciitis.

    Bodyprox features an open-foot rear area plan, which controls movement and offers help for ankle joints and ligaments. It’s perfect for for both open air and indoor sporting activities.

    • PROS
    • CONS
  • Wears out faster
  • 3. Ipow Nonslip Breathable Brace

    This FDA endorsed prop is incredible in offering support and comfort while playing aggressive games like volleyball. It includes an open-foot rear outline feature, which offers an extensive variety of movement and added support to ankle joints and ligaments. Ipow comes with two customizable Velcros, which prevent slippage while playing. This ankle brace is available in three unique sizes. The bundle that accompanies double ankle bolster and a pressure wrap, which secures the two supports to the ankle.

    • PROS
    • CONS
  • Feels heavy on foot
  • Not sturdy enough
  • 4. VIBE Stabilizer Brace

    Vibe is a product of a breathable neoprene and a medicinally endorsed locking material. This support is ideal for reducing pressure and pain and for giving more comfort.

    It’s awesome for an extensive variety of exercises as it fits easily on both athletic and easygoing shoes.

    With a round of gel material on the two sides of the ankle, it offers dependability and comfort. This volleyball ankle brace offers improved blood flow while preventing cramping, soreness, and pain.

    • PROS
    • CONS
    • Too heavy for younger players

    5. Ultra Ankle High-5 Brace

    High-5 is an incredible solution for those hoping to unravel lower leg shakiness and reoccurring joint pain issues. Made of light material, this ankle brace offers gentle, firm support to the ankle. It controls turning and bending while at the same time permitting a sheltered scope of movement.

    This support is extraordinary for individuals who are prone to low and high lower leg wounds. This volleyball ankle brace comes with a movable lash to secure it with a partially unbending shell that gives it 3D cushioning framework.

    Besides, it is available in different shapes, perfect for competitors who take part in focused diversions. It fits with less pressure while it remains snappier on most shoes.

    • PROS
    • CONS
  • Does not relieve weight
  • Not recommended for ankles with wounds
  • 6. BioSkin Trilok Ankle Brace

    Trilok Ankle Brace offers incredible help for competitors. Additionally, it can alleviate perpetual conditions like plantar fasciitis, ligament tears, PTTD, and lower leg sprains. It offers strength and deep comfort without bands.

    Trilok brace comes with lashes, which give curve support and horizontal emptying. This ankle brace includes no bands; rather, the entire article pulls on like a sock. Even with a thin and low profile design, this prop gives more comfort.

    • PROS
    • CONS
  • May slacken with time
  • Poor size guide
  • 7. BraceAbility Youth/Child Ankle Brace

    BraceAbility is a pediatric ankle brace for youngsters since it offers lightweight and comfort. Ideal for young players, this volleyball ankle brace includes a supportive outline, which enables it to wrap around the ankle with less pressure and deep comfort.

    Complete with figure-eight innovation, it guarantees that the lash, secured with Velcro terminations, remains in place when your youngster is playing.

    The support is made of solid ballistic nylon, which secures the two sides of the feet. It accompanies an Achilles territory and a flex work tongue that improves breath capacity and comfort. With no appearance of creases, it fits snuggly on the ankle.

    • PROS
    • CONS
    • May be too tight for young players below 10 years

    8. Live-Up Sports Ankle Support Brace

    Live Up is made of flexible lashes and versatile mesh, which are awesome for running and different games such as tennis and volleyball. Its composite development is made of elastic nylon and polyester.

    This blend offers extraordinary pressure and a flawless fit on the ankle. If you’re looking for ankle braces for volleyball, this support is ideal for other sports and activities such as baseball, weightlifting, badminton, and bicycle riding.

    It supports the lower leg against external effect and decreases weakness. Above all, it soothes sprain and relieves joint pain, which makes it applicable in situations of tendinitis, Achilles torment, and plantar fasciitis.

    • PROS
    • CONS
  • Not applicable to some types of shoes
  • 9. Yosoo Ankle Brace

    Yosoo is a movable ankle stabilizer made of Neoprene. This material is highly breathable, tough, and flexible.

    Neoprene has extraordinary ability to withstand dampness. Laced with sans latex, it offers deep comfort and an impeccable fit.

    This 11-Inch lower leg support fits well on either foot. It is available for both male and female players, offering a custom snuggly fit and support to the lower leg.

    With an open-foot rear configuration, it allows for movement while strolling, running, or playing. Its wrapping framework plays a role in quickening recuperation on lower leg injury from sports, particularly volleyball.

    • PROS
    • CONS
  • Some users find it too huge
  • 10. Cramer Ankle Excel Lace-up Ankle Brace

    Cramer is an outstanding sprain bolster amongst other volleyball ankle braces. It provides lower leg security based on its material, which is 840-denier nylon. In addition, it utilizes a unique circumferential binding framework with a tested figure-eight lashing framework. This gives it an ideal fit around your ankle. The lashes come in different sizes for both men and women. The Cramer ankle brace fits effortlessly into your shoe while offering help and flexibility for strolling or games. It is ideal for people in the recovery period after an injury.

    • PROS
    • CONS
  • Can be too tight for a wide foot
  • The binding can be wearisome
  • What Level Of Support Do You Need?

    Level #1: Compression-Alignment-Healing

    Products focus on therapeutic benefits based on ‘Compression’ oriented designs. These products offer light support for minor pain, sprains, and strains to allow daily use for an extended period. Compression provides soft tissue support, joint alignment, therapeutic warmth, and blood flow.

    Level #2: Support-Compression-Alignment-Healing

    This level utilizes all the therapeutic benefits of Level 1 products, and offers products designed to provide the player more ‘Support’ with moderate stability features an adjustable compression fit options. These products are ideal for minor to moderate sprains, muscle strains, and unstable joints allowing for use as necessary for recovery.

    Level #3: Stability-Support-Compression-Alignment-Healing

    Products benefit the athlete with all the therapeutic and support characteristics inherent to our Level 2 products but provide ‘Stability’ through more advanced designs and integrated support features. Level 3 products offer medium stability and are targeted for moderate to major ligament sprains, muscle strains and unstable joints allowing for use as necessary for recovery.

    Final Thoughts

    You should think in advance to protect your ankles with the best volleyball ankle braces available when you are on the court. Braces may look very similar, but the quality varies widely. For that reason, we gathered together all of the useful information we could find and systematized it for you to know how to choose the best ankle brace for volleyball for you.