What Does An Ankle Sprain Feel Like? | 3 Key Signs To Look For

View of a swollen and bruised ankle, ankle sprain symptoms and signs

Written by on March 23, 2022 — Medically reviewed by Mich Torres (PT)

If you recently rolled or fell awkwardly on your foot, chances are you might have a sprain – one of the most common ankle injuries. But just to be sure – what does an ankle sprain feel like? Well, most times, there’s a popping sound right when the sprained ankle occurs. You’ll likely feel pain …

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7 Best Home Remedies For Ankle Sprain

Someone lying on a sofa receiving an ankle massage, home treatments for sprained ankles

Written by on — Medically reviewed by Mich Torres (PT)

If you have a mild ankle injury, is highly likely you can fully heal it on your own. To do so safely, here are 7 home remedies for an ankle sprain that are both effective and budget-friendly. Be patient, though – this ankle injury can take weeks to a few months to fully recover. This …

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12 Ankle Sprain Exercises | Physio-Approved To Ensure Recovery

Someone strengthening their ankles with an elastic band, ankle sprain rehab exercises

Written by on — Medically reviewed by Mich Torres (PT)

Did you know that sprains account for 68% of all ankle injuries? (1) And, as most of them are mild, there’s a good chance you can heal it yourself with these ankle sprain exercises. These are physical therapy movements we -physios- use in the clinic to boost your healing and get you quickly on your …

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Ankle Sprain | Everything You Need To Know

Someone having their ankle sprained, what is an ankle sprain

Written by on March 22, 2022 — Medically reviewed by Mich Torres (PT)

A bad fall, stepping on someone’s foot, or simply a wrong step. These scenarios may be all too familiar especially if you recently had an ankle sprain. It happens quite frequently – about one out of 10,000 people suffer an ankle sprain daily in Western countries. (1) And depending on the damage and mechanism of …

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How Often Should You Ice An Ankle Sprain?

Someone applying ice to an injured ankle, how often should you ice a sprained ankle

Written by on — Medically reviewed by Mich Torres (PT)

In the US alone, around 2 million ankle sprains happen per year. (1) It’s one of the most common injuries that can happen to anyone but it’s generally easy to treat. Ice, in particular, has been a staple for newly sprained ankles. So, how often should you ice an ankle sprain? The quick answer is that …

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What To Do When You Sprain Your Ankle? | Follow These 5 Steps

Person sitting on the road with their shoe off grabing their ankle in pain, what to do if you sprain your ankle

Written by on March 21, 2022 — Medically reviewed by Mich Torres (PT)

Each painful step can be a stark reminder that you shouldn’t ignore your sprained ankle. So, before it gets worse, follow this guide to know what to do when you sprain your ankle. Keep in mind that to treat a sprained ankle properly, you must know the type and severity first. We’ll walk you through …

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