The Goal…

Ankle Action was started with one simple idea. We wanted to help people make informed decisions about their ankle health. Providing information that helps the recovery process and prevents it from happening again.

Where It Started…

In 2017… a couple of friends who were all physiotherapists and ankle specialists in their own right, came together to create a list of what was working for their athletes who had regular ankle problems.

This list grew very large in a short space of time and it was decided to put the findings online to make it accessible to everyone. The original bloggers Alan, Stacey, and Jelena still write on the blog today alongside many other ankle health specialists.

Our Aim…

With a world were health is becoming an increasing concern, it’s more important than ever to provide quality accurate information. We are becoming more active and with that, comes risks. From the very beginning of this website, we aimed to provide that quality information without the expense of giving misleading information for a quick buck.

Our team is passionate about ankle health and love writing, advising and helping people to overcome their varying ankle issues. So please have a look around and view our articles that are designed to help with issues specific to your sport and your injury type.

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