What Is A High Ankle Sprain? | A Physical Therapist Explains

Written by on May 20, 2022 — Medically reviewed by Mich Torres (PT)

Among the 3 typical ankle sprains, a high ankle sprain is probably the most disabling. (1) But first, what is a high ankle sprain? Also known as a syndesmotic ankle injury, this type of sprain accounts for 10% of all sprains. It affects the ligaments that are crucial for ankle stability. (1, 2) Below, you’ll …

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Is It Ok To Walk On A Sprained Ankle? | Yes And No, Here’s How To Know

Written by on May 13, 2022 — Medically reviewed by Mich Torres (PT)

So, when is it ok to walk on a sprained ankle, you ask? Well, it’ll depend mostly on how your ankle feels after your injury. If you’re feeling severe pain, don’t walk on it – you risk worsening the ankle injury. But if the symptoms are mild, you may be good to go if you …

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4 Unmistakable Symptoms Of Nerve Damage After Ankle Sprain

Written by on May 10, 2022 — Medically reviewed by Mich Torres (PT)

Having symptoms of nerve damage after an ankle sprain is not something you should take lightly. You see, aside from ligaments, there are also a bunch of nerves that cross your ankle joint. Some types of sprains can injure them, causing symptoms that range from altered skin sensation to even losing muscle strength. Below, we’ll …

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Eversion Ankle Sprain | All You Need To Know

Written by on May 6, 2022 — Medically reviewed by Mich Torres (PT)

Although an eversion ankle sprain is not as common as an inversion one, it can be equally or even more problematic for your ankle joint. See, eversion is a medical term we use to describe when your ankle rolls outward. If this motion goes beyond its limits, it can cause an eversion sprain – damage …

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How To Wrap A Sprained Ankle | Beginner’s Guide

Written by on — Medically reviewed by Mich Torres (PT)

If you want to prevent ongoing ankle problems, then you should learn a thing or two on how to wrap a sprained ankle. See, treating a sprained ankle with a bandage or tape helps reduce pain, swelling, and future sprains. (1) There are three different types of materials you can use – elastic bandages, athletic …

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Ankle Sprain Grades | How Bad Is Your Sprain?

Written by on May 4, 2022 — Medically reviewed by Mich Torres (PT)

Healthcare professionals use a graded-based system to determine the severity of your sprain. There are 3 ankle sprain grades – mild, moderate, and severe. Matching your ankle sprain severity to a grade gives direction for the best treatments for your recovery. It can also help you estimate how long it will take you to recover. …

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How Do You Sprain An Ankle? | 5 Causes + 5 Solutions

Person walking and showing their right ankle twisting inward, causing an ankle sprain, how does an ankle sprain happens

Written by on — Medically reviewed by Mich Torres (PT)

About 23,000 ankle sprains happen daily in the United States alone. (1) So why does it happen so frequently? How do you sprain an ankle? Well, ankle sprains occur when your foot rolls excessively to one side in an awkward way. This can sprain your ankle ligaments, by overstretching or tearing them. Now, there are …

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How To Heal Ankle Sprain Fast? | 8 Hacks That Actually Work

Person placing an ice pack over their bandaged sprained ankle, how to heal an ankle sprain quickly

Written by on May 3, 2022 — Medically reviewed by Mich Torres (PT)

Each painful step is a constant reminder that your ankle is injured. But knowing how to heal ankle sprain fast can help you get back to your life quickly. Yet, keep in mind that all sprained ankles need time to heal. The exact time will depend on the severity of the ankle sprain injury and …

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Why Does My Ankle Still Hurt After A Sprain? | 4 Causes And Solutions

Someone kneeling while touching their sprained ankle, why does my ankle still hurt years after a sprain?

Written by on April 18, 2022 — Medically reviewed by Mich Torres (PT)

It can be a mind-boggling and frustrating question to ask: “Why does my ankle still hurt after a sprain?” Turns out, you are not alone with this thought. Up to 40% of people with sprained ankles still suffer from persistent pain even after a year after their injury. (1) This partly depends on the severity …

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What Ankle Sprain Is Most Common

Someone receiving electrotherapy on their ankle, what is the most commonly sprained ligament in the ankle

Written by on March 23, 2022 — Medically reviewed by Mich Torres (PT)

 If you’ve rolled your ankle joint before, you have a higher chance of getting it injured again. So, to prevent this from happening, let’s talk about what ankle sprain is most common and why it matters. Some ankle sprains happen more often than others. This is due to differences in ankle motion and structure. And …

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