The Best Ankle Brace Buying Guide and Product Reviews

Written by on January 4, 2022 — Medically reviewed by John Doe

Choosing the right ankle brace for your activity or specific injury is critical to ensuring you can get up and mobile again as fast as possible. 

With many choices for a first-time buyer, it can be difficult to understand which brace is best for you. Backed by many years experience, our doctors have created reviews, comparisons and buyers guides for the many ankle braces on the market. 

Browse by sport or type of injury below or scan through our articles for advice on the best way to manage your ankle injury. ​

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1. ASO Ankle Sports Stabilizer

Our most popular sports ankle brace recommended by over 2200+ people. Featuring stabilizing straps that form a complete figure-eight to protect and support your ankle.

2. PowerLix Ankle Brace Compression Support Sleeve

Best rated compression ankle sleeve on the market. Pain relief from a variety of ailments including plantar fasciitis, arthritis, sprains, swelling, tendonitis and much more.

3. McDavid 195 Deluxe Ankle Brace with Strap

Excellent brace built for jumping sports including basketball and volleyball. Highly adjustable brace with both velcro and lace strapping. Can be used both for the prevention of injuries and recovery. 

4. Zamst Ankle Brace Support Stabilizer

The Exo-Grid (Xternal) is a system that prevents the ankle from rolling inward (Inversion) and outward (Eversion). Extreme support for weak and injury prone ankles. 

5. Aircast FP Walker Brace / Walking Boot

The best-rated ankle immobilizer for broken ankles and severe injuries. Ensure your ankle repairs while still being able to move around in day to day activities. 

Considerations to Take When Buying an Ankle Brace

There are different reasons that a person wears an ankle brace. But whatever your reason is, here are the important things you should consider when looking for the best ankle brace:

The materials should be breathable, soft, and smooth. It is important that your foot remains cool or warm, the brace stays dry, and the inner fabric is soft. But bear in mind that the quality of the material also determines its durability. Those manufactured using high-quality materials are expected to last longer.

Determine why you need to wear an ankle brace. Is it for protection of or prevention against an ankle sprain? Are you suffering from sore ankles or recovering from an injury? There are various types of braces for different purposes. Be in the know of the type that matches your needs.

Comfort it offers

For maximum efficiency, you have to check to make sure the brace provides a good fit. It should not be too loose or too tight. Look for a brace that has straps or elastic material that can be adjusted to provide the right fit, protection, and comfort for your ankle.


An ankle brace should serve its purpose —whether it’s for healing, protection, or prevention. This is to ensure the safety of the user because wearing the wrong type of ankle brace can do you more harm than good. You may opt to have them customized to meet your needs.


Price doesn’t always reflect the quality of the product. A high price doesn’t necessarily mean good quality just as a low price doesn’t indicate poor quality. As a responsible buyer, you should do enough research to determine if your prospective product is reasonably priced.

Your ankles, along with your feet, support your weight and provide balance and stability as you move around. Therefore, finding the best item requires a lot of patience and knowledge on your part. It pays to take these things into consideration.

Here are five ankle braces, each of which could be the best buy for you depending on your preferences and needs:

1. ASO Ankle Stabilizer


  • It has stabilizing straps that form a complete figure-eight.
  • It uses ballistic nylon.
  • It comes with an elastic cuff closure.
  • It comes with an invisible seam.
  • It is lightweight.
  • You can purchase each ankle brace separately.
  • It is strong and durable made possible by the ballistic nylon.
  • The stabilizing straps that come with it provide more support and protection to the ankle. The finger loops at the end of the straps help provide optimum support.
  • Its bilateral design allows a particular size to fit the left or right foot. It fits any type of shoe.
  • Its elastic cuff closure adds support and security, particularly to the laces.
  • It has a lightweight despite its exceptional durability.
  • Its lace is always centered because the lace is attached to the tongue.
  • It works great in fighting off ankle pain while running.
  • It is best for ankles that are recovering from bad sprains.
  • It is comfortable.
  • It also works for flat feet.
  • It is well-made.
  • It is of high quality.
  • It is a product of ASO, which is among the leading ankle braces in the market.
  • It is perfect for collegiate and professional athletes.
  • Physical therapists, athletic trainers, and orthopedic surgeons recommend this product.


  • It does not suit big feet.
  • While it generally provides a great fit, some users may experience minor problems with sizes.

If you want to opt for a tried and tested ankle brace, ASO Ankle Stabilizer should be one of your top considerations. Carrying a reputable brand, it comes with numerous features that could benefit you in different ways.

The advantages it claims to provide are exceptional, making it worth considering.

For a more tailored fit, the pneumatic cells can be filled or emptied of air using an integrated air pump

The Aircast FP fits on either foot, and is available in generic sizes (small, medium, large, X-large, and pediatric). It also comes with a 6 months warranty.

The top part of the boot also fits comfortably into jean pants, so it can be hidden when going out.


The ASO Ankle Stabilizer is a promising product. ASO is a well-known brand recommended by athletic trainers, orthopedic surgeons, and physical therapists.

It claims to provide utmost support and protection to the ankle due to its stabilizing straps. It uses ballistic nylon that makes it exceptionally strong and durable. And what’s great about this product is its lightweight despite its strength and durability.

Moreover, it provides a good fit thanks to its bilateral design. It is also comfortable to wear.

Meanwhile, this ankle brace is best for sprain recovery, fighting off ankle pain, and for flat feet. It is of high quality, hence, its great overall performance.

However, some claim that its size chart is a bit problematic and consequently, causes some minor fitting problems. This is despite the product’s claim that it fits any type of shoe. Read the Full Review

2. PowerLix Ankle Brace Compression Support Sleeve


  • It uses a special fabric that is smooth and soft to touch.
  • It comes with a four-way compression sleeve.
  • It uses a special knitted technical design.
  • It is designed to provide relief for various ailments.
  • It has the ability to eliminate bad odors.
  • It provides a comfortable feeling all day and night with its soft special fabric.
  • The four-compression sleeve provides full protection and a full range of motion. It likewise fits bodies of all shapes and sizes.
  • Its special knitted technical design matches different joints.
  • It is best for users with arthritis, sprains, tendonitis, ankle pain, muscle fatigue, swelling, and plantar fasciitis. It also minimizes injuries and offers muscle support between workouts and casual everyday activities.
  • It has the capacity to improve blood circulation.
  • It can help increase one’s performance.
  • Its high-performance fabric has the capacity to keep an optimal joint temperature.
  • It has the ability to eliminate odor.
  • It has the capacity to provide comfort and relief without compromising mobility.
  • It fits any activity that requires ankle movement like basketball, baseball, soccer golf, CrossFit, running, hiking, volleyball, tennis, etc.
  • It is of good quality.
  • It generally works well.


  • While it works well as a preventive measure, it does not suit significant injuries.
  • It tends to be a little tight.

Looking for a product that can truly help you prevent or cope with injuries?

If so, this PowerLix might be a great buy for you.

It comes with a lot of features that could cater the various needs of potential users.


PowerLix Ankle Brace has a lot to offer its users. Its features encompass a wide array of customers’ needs.

The product provides full protection through its four-compression sleeve. It provides comfort all day and night with the help of its special fabric. With this ankle brace, users are also ensured of an optimal joint temperature. It has also made the top 10 in our best ankle brace for gymnastics.

Furthermore, it helps a lot in making the body feel better as it relieves pain from sprains, arthritis, muscle fatigue, plantar fasciitis, and swelling. It also improves circulation, minimizes injuries and supports the muscles between workouts and casual everyday activities.

The design and technology that the product uses allow it to match different joints, eliminate odor, and improve one’s performance without compromising mobility. You can use it while doing just about any activity that requires ankle movement. It is high quality enabling it to work well.

Take note, however, that this ankle brace has a tendency to be a little tight. Also, it may not work with significant injuries although it does great as a preventive measure.

Read the Full Review Buy Now on Amazon

3. McDavid 195 Ankle Brace with Stabilizer Straps


  • It is made of a single-layer polyester fabric.
  • It comes with a compression-comfort top strap.
  • It has padded lining and reinforced closures.
  • It is designed to provide maximum protection.
  • It comes with a ventilated tongue.
  • It can be adjusted without the need to unlace or remove the user’s shoe.
  • A study reported that its athlete participants had three times fewer injuries when wearing the product.
  • Its compression-comfort top strap provides a comfort fit.
  • Made of single-layer polyester fabric, it has the capacity to provide full support and is lightweight as well.
  • Its ventilated tongue helps enhance breathability.
  • It has the capacity to provide maximum protection that prevents various adverse happenings.
  • You can fully adjust it without the need to unlace or remove your shoe making it more convenient.
  • It provides a good fit for both ankles.
  • It is perfect for sports.
  • It is easy to use.
  • It has a great design.
  • It is aesthetically beautiful.
  • It generally works well.
  • It is durable.
  • It lasts long.
  • It is of high quality.


  • It is a little time-consuming to put on.
  • There may be some minor issues with sizing.
  • It is a little more expensive than other brands.
  • It may not suit long hours of usage.

If convenience and protection are your main priorities when looking for an ankle brace, you may want to check out the McDavid 195 Ankle Brace with Stabilizer Straps.

It comes with various features and benefits that users truly enjoy.


Indeed, McDavid 195 Ankle Brace with Stabilizer Straps is beneficial to numerous users in various ways.

First off, it has the capacity to reduce the risk for injuries by up to three times. A study supports this claim. The product is made of single-layer polyester fabric that allows it to provide full support while being lightweight. Additionally, its compression-comfort top strap provides comfort to users.

Also, you can make some adjustments without having to unlace or remove your shoe. It also comes with a ventilated tongue that helps improve breathability. This ankle brace perfectly suits sports as it provides a good fit for either ankle.

Other qualities that make this product stand out are its great physical appearance, good design, and durability.

However, take note that this ankle brace does not suit long hours of usage. It may also be time-consuming to put on and have some minor sizing issues. Lastly, it is a bit more expensive compared to other brands.

Read the Full Review Buy Now on Amazon

4. Zamst A2-DX Ankle Brace, Black


  • It is designed to work for preventive application and supportive use after moderate or severe sprains.
  • It includes X-Strap Stabilizers with Grip Tech.
  • It comes with Exo-Grid External, a dual molded exterior support structure.
  • It uses a-fit and i-fit technology.
  • It suits elite athletes.
  • The Exo-Grid External enhances and corrects medial and lateral stability.
  • The Grip-Tech prevents the foot from shifting forward; thus, preventing slipping especially during activities.
  • The a-Fit technology makes an anatomically correct fit for both ankles, while the i-Fit technology provides an individualized fit, variable compression levels, and enhanced comfort.
  • Providing a three-way anterior, medial, and lateral support, the X-Strap Stabilizer has the capacity to provide utmost protection to its users. Alongside the anchor strap, it reduces the separation of the two lower leg bones and consequently helps prevent high ankle sprains.
  • It perfectly suits moderate to severe ankle sprains.
  • It works great for basketball and volleyball players.
  • The A2-DX is a trusted brand of elite athletes.
  • It is customizable.
  • It is flexible.
  • It does what it claims to do.
  • It is reasonably priced.


  • It is a bit complicated to put on.
  • It is a little bulky to wear.
  • There may be some minor fitting issues.

Looking for an ankle brace that you can count on even while doing various physical activities?

If so, it pays to take a look at the Zamst A2-DX Ankle Brace.

It claims to be high quality that fits even professional athletes.


If you are engaged in sports, the Zamst A2-DX Ankle Brace could truly be a good buy for you. It comes with exceptional features that fit even the professional athletes.

To enhance stability, the product includes a dual molded exterior support structure called the Exo-Grid External. It also prevents the foot from shifting forward and reduces the separation of the two lower leg bones through the X-Strap Stabilizers with Grip-Tech.

Moreover, it uses a-Fit and i-fit technologies that provide a good fit and a comfortable feeling to its users. Such features likewise help a lot in coping with moderate to severe ankle sprains. No wonder it suits basketball and volleyball players so well.

Other great qualities of the Zamst A2-DX Ankle Brace are: flexible, customizable, good-quality, and reasonably priced.

As for some downsides, the product is a bit bulky. Some users may also encounter issues when putting it on and regarding how it fits.

Read the Full Review Buy Now on Amazon

5. Aircast FP (Foam Pneumatic) Walker Brace/Walking Boot


  • It is designed to provide protection, support, and mobility while recovering from an injury.
  • It aims to work on severe ankle sprains, stable fractures of ankle and foot, soft tissue injuries, and forefoot and midfoot injuries. It is likewise designed for bunionectomies and post-operative use.
  • It includes a semi-rigid shell.
  • It comes with a hand bulb air pump.
  • It comes with a low rocker sole for mobility.
  • It provides room for dressings.
  • It has two adjustable distal air cells.
  • It serves various purposes, from fractures to post-operative use. It helps promote a healthy recovery.
  • Its semi-rigid shell provides the level of protection that was formerly expected only from a cast.
  • Its hand bulb air pump allows users to customize the support level according to what they need.
  • Its adjustable distal air cells provide more support and compression, hence, the convenience and comfort.
  • It does not compromise comfort as it provides enough room for dressings.
  • It promotes a natural ambulation through its low rocker sole.
  • Its universal fit feature allows it to be used on either left or right leg.
  • It is sturdy and long-standing.
  • It is easy to put on and take off.
  • It is of great quality.
  • It comes with a good price.


  • It is a bit heavy.
  • It may cause an awkward feeling if you need to sleep with it on.
  • It tends to rub in the wrong places and cause a little pain.


The Aircast FP Walker Brace/Walking Boot could be the best buy for you if you are recovering from an injury. It comes with a semi-rigid shell that provides the protection level that is expected only from a cast. It also provides ample room for dressings.

This product lets its users customize the level of support according to what they need. This is made possible by its hand bulb air pump. Users are also able to obtain a lot of comfort and convenience.

This walker brace also provides a good fit, is sturdy and easy to put on and take off, and is high quality at a great price.

However, this product is a little heavy and it may be awkward to sleep with it on. It may also cause pain because it tends to rub in the wrong places.

Read the Full Review Buy Now on Amazon

Final Verdict

Among the products featured on this page, we have chosen Zamst A2-DX Ankle Brace as the best. Apparently, each item has its own strengths but this A2-DX ankle brace has quality and features that provide excellent protection even to elite athletes.

From being flexible, comfortable, and customizable to providing support for severe sprains, Zamst A2-DX Ankle Brace is indeed a reliable product. It comes with exceptional benefits that greatly outweigh its downsides. And as for the latter, each disadvantage is easy to deal with and does not cause major problems.

Should you want to purchase this product, make sure to properly educate yourself about it. You should also be certain about your condition to determine if this item truly matches your needs.

#1 UFlex Athletics Knee Compression Sleeve

Designed to reduce inflammation and swelling, soreness, stiffness, and has heating effect for muscular recovery.

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